There are a few pieces of mahogany that need some extra attention. When I purchased the boat, the cockpit benches were removed and all the screws needed to attach are missing (60 total!). The port side also had a bench slat that had been pulled free from the bottom brace. The slat has actually been ripped away pulling the screws through the bottom and breaking out the mahogany. Since the damage is on the bottom side, I thought I would give J-B Weld Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty a try. Looks simple enough. I plan to use their Wood Restore to harden up the area before applying the putty. There’s also a small crack starting in the cockpit cooler cover that I plan to fix.

I also picked up some 3M 90 High Strength Contact Adhesive. The laminate is separating on both the starboard and port bulkheads, and the stove shield in the cabin. The white laminate on the tables also look they may need some help.


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