Now that my outboard will start, I quickly realized that it couldn’t “pee”! I found a genuine OMC water pump rebuild kit from Crowley Marine for about $50. There are several YouTube videos on this process and I watched a few before beginning. Never having worked on an outboard before let alone own one, it took about four hours to complete.

After a couple of squeezes on the fuel line bulb, I noticed the the fuel line between the connector and fuel pump had turned into a soaker hose! Fuel was filling the bottom of the cowl inside and dripping into the water.

All stop to repair the fuel line now. I eventually got the outboard started but it still doesn’t “pee”. The best I could get out of it was a fast dribble. I really don’t want to take it back apart right now, but it looks like it will need to be gone through by a “real” mechanic before taking it across the ocean any time soon. I still plan on changing the gear lube and try to figure out why the electric starter doesn’t work.

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