I’m certain that water has been draining into the hull over many years. Even though the boat has been covered, water could still be found under the keel bolts. Over a period of a week, I attempted to air out this area. DO NOT USE HIGH PRESSURE AIR! It is possible to force too much air into the hull. It will pop and the floor will be delaminated from the foam.

Each hole had a plastic drywall anchor installed in an attempt to “fix” the stripped screw issue. It also appeared that the cover was sealed into place with silicone. Was it to keep water in or out?

After drilling all of the holes out to 3/8 inch and removing the silicone, I used a shop vac with a small hose to vacuum the water and force air below. It appears that all of the water has now been removed. For now.

My first thought was to plug all of these holes. But, for now I’m leaving them open in order to monitor for any future leaks. I’m going to replace the original fiberglass cover for the keel bolts with a piece of solid mahogany similar to the cooler cover that will just lay in place.

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