After purchasing a new Singer HD 4423 sewing machine from Walmart, 6 yards of Sunbrella, foam, hot knife, electric knife, scissors, paint, varnish and other sewing notions – I was ready to begin this project. I have never sewed with a machine before, so it’s been a continuous learning experience.

I had previously deconstructed the original cushions, split the two plywood bases in half and drilled finger holes in all four lids. I decided to use Rustoleum’s Topside Paint to seal the aged, raw plywood. One quart of each: Spar Varnish, Primer, and Gloss White. So far, I’ve got three coats of spar varnish on.

I began my search for foam at Sailrite. Couldn’t justify the price and I would have to glue pieces together. I went with a full-size 3 inch bamboo charcoal memory foam topper from WayFair. I plan on wrapping each piece in poly to make it easier to stuff in the covers and protect from water. I will also not store them in the boat off-season. To cut the foam, I first tried an electric knife with one blade only, then a hacksaw blade. After I was done, I figured out that the electric knife works best with BOTH blades. I used the plywood lids as a template and added a 1/2 inch all around.

I was all set to purchase a less expensive Sunbrella knock-off material from Rochford Supply, until I got to their checkout. $50 to ship! Although, Sailrite’s Sunbrella was more expensive, “Tresco Birch” was on sale and their shipping was just over $8. I purchased a hot knife from Northern Tool to cut the Sunbrella, so it fray before it’s put together. There will be zippers on the back edges (against the hull) of each cushion. I’ll also be making my own piping using the Sunbrella. One of my design changes was to have the cushions be more manageable and be able to be flipped over.

Currently, I’m on hold while I wait for more thread, a welting foot, and more braid for the piping to arrive. Stay tuned…

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