The EZ Loader trailer (1980) appears to be the same as the one whizzing by in the sales brochure. Someone decided to paint it years ago. Everything but the tires and wheels were covered, lettering, stripes and most important manufacturer’s PLASTIC label that was BARELY stamped with the VIN. I found the label located on the driver’s side tube at the Y of the frame and had to carefully scratch and pick away the paint.

Indiana requires that both the trailer and boat be registered and titled. The state of Michigan only requires a registration for the boat. Therefore, the boat or trailer was never titled in Michigan. It took three visits to the local BMV office, a form verifying the VIN and hull number signed by a Sheriff’s Deputy and almost $350 to get legal for two years. Even though the trailer will not be leaving my driveway¬† for at least two seasons. I did learn from the BMV that the boat had been titled previously in Indiana!

The previous owner’s never launched the boat from the trailer on a ramp. I will. I plan on adding a rectangular tube extender (8-10 ft long) that will slide into the tube at the tongue. To do this, the wiring will need to be rerouted outside the tube and the Y will need to be beefed up with a welded gusset since the bolt will need to be removed.

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