Picked up my trailer last week. Mike did a great job. Exactly what I asked for and then some. He sourced the steel tubing for the telescoping section. He removed the large bolt that was in the way and welded a heavy steel plate across the “fork”. He drilled two holes in the tubes for the removable heavy 5/8″ pull pin. He modified the mount for the ladder to remove the bolts from the path of the telescope. He also added a stop on the tube, welded on the safety chains, added a ring to hook the safety chains, and spot painted.

It’s not 12 foot like I was hoping, but it is nearly 10. I’ll try it out this fall. He took my poor attempt at an extension in trade, so my bill was less than $100. 

I also swapped out my outboards. For now, it was way easier to put my old 25 inch Mariner back on. To use the new, shorter 20 inch shaft, I’ll have to modify the mount to get it 5 inches lower. An extension kit was not available. If there was, it would be around $400. No sale!

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