The days are getting shorter and cooler, so I decided I better get to work on the trailer. The EZ Loader trailer looks like it was originally painted gloss white with baby blue uprights under the hull? It also had three 1 inch stripes along the frame from hitch to the fenders and over the top of the fenders on each side. They were brown, gold and orange. Not sure what the oval stickers were on the back of the fenders. There was also the “EZ Loader” name on each side of the angled tubes. I also found a yellow safety label at the top of the mast support that said something about trailer maintenance. If any one has any leads on new decals, please let me know.

I’ve decided to strip the stripes using a heat gun and acetone. I also purchased an angle grinder from Harbor Freight and using a cup wire brush, I removed all the heavy rust. I plan on using Rustoleum Rust Reformer to prime all the rusty spots then brush on Rustoleum Gloss White enamel. I’m working outside in the wind, so spray painting it would be nearly impossible. I decided on white hoping it will be the most visible while underwater.

I haven’t decided on new stripes yet. I may just go with a 1 inch red reflective stripe down each side. U.S. Boat sells a 125 foot roll for about $60.

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