In an attempt to better ventilate the cabin, I decided to install a SOLATEK Solar Ventilation Fan. The model I purchased off Amazon for $60 has a reversible motor, but only runs when the sun shines. The model with a rechargeable battery backup was another $30.

I really didn’t want to cut a 6 inch hole in the roof of the cabin so I decided that the well worn smoked hatch polycarbonate was the better option. If it broke during the drilling and cutting process, I would just have to buy a new piece. I first thought that it would be centered in the hatch but I soon realized there are braces on the underside that prevented that from happening.

I was able to work on the cover inside a warm garage after I removed the hatch lid by taking out the two large hex head bolts to the frame and very carefully knocking out the two small hinge pins. I used a drill and progressively larger sharp bits for the bolt holes. For the large hole, I used my rotary tool with a small saw round saw blade from Harbor Freight. Working slowly and carefully, it didn’t crack or splinter. Before assembling the fan to the poly, I attempted to polish the poly with some headlight restore kit. It doesn’t look like new, but it I could see a difference.

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