Last fall before the cold weather hit, I removed all of the wood from the boat and moved it to the basement to refinish. Needless to say it didn’t get done. That turned out to be a good thing due to the amount of dust created by sanding off years of age and varnish. all of the small pieces are now sanded and I’m down to the cockpit benches. I’ve disassembled most everything, but these I’m not. 

I have cut out a new plywood bow locker cover and sides for the cabin tables. I also have cut new mahogany for the companionway door,  hatch, the port cabin shelf and the keel bolt cover in the floor. I’m debating whether to stain everything in an attempt to even out the color between the old and the new mahogany. The few teak pieces in the cabin will be treated with Watco’s Teak Oil.

The cushions are on hold for now. I plan on visiting an upholstery shop in town to see what they would charge to sew them up.

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