A couple weeks ago, I began ordering supplies from Sailrite to repair my new main sail myself. Instead of buying yards of Dacron sailcloth $$$, I bought three different weight samples that were 6 x 6 inch for $2 each.

The previous owner had stored the nearly new main and jib in his garage. A mouse had gotten in the main sail bag and gnawed two holes. One was probably a 1 x 2 inch oval at a fold about three foot from the head. The other was the same through the bolt rope about a foot from the head.

I started on the bolt rope hole by hand- stitching a couple of short paracords on each side to replace the missing bolt rope. Then I covered the area with a 9.4 oz piece of sailcloth and more hand stitching. I tried to use my Singer 4423 on the flat, but no way no how!

The other hole I repaired by following Sailrite’s video. I was able to use the Singer with no issues.

I also ordered some new webbing and slugs to repair the old main sail so I could use it for training. And yes, much more hand-stitching was involved.

Now all I need to do is attempt to clean the sails with Sailrite’s Iosso Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. I did some spot cleaning on the new sail. It didn’t get all of the pee stains out but it does look better. 

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