• was the granddad of Harpoon websites. Lots of information overall, but very little on the 6.2. The owner also hosts a Yahoo Group for Harpoon Sailboats which is no longer available thanks to Yahoo. A new site has been established at Unfortunately none of the old posts were transferred. It’s slowly building a following.
  • has the specs on the boat but the line drawings are small.
  • A fellow Harpoon 6.2 owner documented his journey which started in September of 2007 on Blogger. His documentation of projects and photos details years of hard work in the restoration of hull #80.
  • The Trailer Sailor forum also has a Harpoon group. I’m slowly working through the posts related to 6.2’s. Most are nearly 15 years old.
  • Another Harpoon 6.2 owner has documented his boat with many photos on his Facebook page at Boston Whaler Harpoon Sailing.
  • A new Facebook group at Boston Whaler Harpoon Sailing also has info from many Harpoon owners.
  • has over 8,000 Boston Whaler owners. Most are power boats but there are a few Harpoon sailors listed.


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