I decided to take advantage of a three-day stretch of warm weather and get the first of four coats of Interlux Interprotect e2000 High Performance Epoxy Primer on the bottom. But first I had to run to my local Ace to buy paint rollers and measuring buckets so I could measure three parts base (3 pints) to one part activator (1 pint).

By the time I had the hull cleaned and taped it was already 5:00 pm before I started rolling. The weather report was calling for t-storms after 11 pm so I figured it should be fine. I told my first mate that I was going to sleep on the boat (first time since I’ve had it) to check for leaks since it was uncovered. She said she would join me only because it was my birthday.

I now have a few new items to add to my list. It leaked at the hatch, the mast base, and a little bit at the chain plates which I already sealed with 3M Marine Grade Clear Silicone. Looks like the mast base and hatch will need to be rebedded with Lifesafe Butyl Caulking Tape . It did storm about 2 am and dumped an 1-1/4 inch rain in about three hours. I knew the companionway would probably leak, so I draped it with clear plastic and closed the top only. Somehow water still made it in and since the boat has a slight list sitting on the trailer it dripped off the companionway pad onto the first mate. Good thing my emergency poop bucket was handy. I picked a plastic toilet seat with lid that fits a short 5-gallon bucket at a sporting goods store and found that it fits nicely under the starboard side table. It can also be used to store gear when not in use. We also found out how tight the cabin is for two people and their gear.

The second gray coat went on the next day after everything dried out. It was a little warmer and windier so the quicker it could be rolled on the better. Today’s third white coat should be better. The fourth last gray coat looks like it will have to wait. The weather is turning cold and wet again.

By the way, the black stripe is on!

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