I braved the cold yesterday (40’s) and tackled replacing the navigation lights. I found a deal on some new port and starboard Obcursco LED Navigation Lights Deck Mount with stainless steel covers on Amazon. I couldn’t find a similar stern light so I bought an extra set in the hope of reusing the clear lens and chrome cover. It wasn’t that easy. The LED strip inside was too tall. So, all I had to do is make a thick shim washer and use longer screws to make it work.

The wires for the nav lights are all original and pretty short. The original lights were not sealed to the hull. The starboard was a little wet and soft. The port and starboard lights went in with no trouble. I seated both with some 3M Marine clear silicone sealant.

The stern light is a different story. Those wires had a short extension that were crimped on inside the hull. Until one of them broke off in my hand! Now I have to peel back the black plastic rub rail and hope I can get access to the wire so I can crimp on new extensions.

UPDATE 4/2/2020: The stern light is on. I removed the screw, carefully pulled back the black plastic rubrail, and pulled the old wires out. After cleaning everything out and drilling out the hole a bit larger, I screwed the new wood base on. I left the wires for the new LED light long so I feed them up through the rubrail track. I crimped on new connectors and pushed them back down into the hole, then attached the light cover. Needless to say, I used plenty of sealant. I gently pushed and worked the rubrail back into the track then pulled it to stretch it enough to get the screw back in.

The main reason I updated all of the lighting to LED is to allow me to use a small rechargeable car battery jump starter instead of a boat battery.

I also had time to install a winch near the bow roller to help with loading the boat back on the trailer.



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