Here is another well-known problem with the Harpoon 6.2s. There are small holes located in the deck on each side of the cabin to drain any water that may collect inside the gunnels. I think these would work to drain rain off, but underway with heavy spray, I’m sure water would overflow and end up in the cockpit.

These holes discharge outboard about midship where the black one inch stripe is located below the rub rail. Looking at my boat, it appeared that someone had drilled a 3/8 inch hole angling up through the fiberglass hull, through about 3 inches of foam and then through the deck. I’m not sure what prevented the water from being absorbed through the foam. It was obvious that over time, this became a major source of water into the hull. I’m positive that’s how it was built. Really!

To solve the issue, I purchased a 3-pack of long drill bits from Harbor Freight and a short piece of 3/8 inch ID PVC pipe. I didn’t want to attempt to enlarge the holes freehand, so I made a small jig which allowed me to somewhat maintain alignment of the two existing holes in the hull and deck. It worked with the help of my daughter who had to hold the jig tightly against the hull while I carefully hogged out the holes. GO SLOW to prevent the gelcoat from chipping out. I cut the pipes long and stuck them in the holes to mark each one for the angles to make them fit flush. Then, using TotalBoat’s ThixoFlex Epoxy Adhesive, I glued them in place. When the weather warms back up, I plan on cleaning up the area with some matching gelcoat.


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