Yes, my boat leaks!

There’s a “bathtub ring” around the inside of the cabin where it has been filled with water. It smells like an old boat with rotten wood. That would also explain why the plywood sides of the tables and shelves have rotted away. The first thing I did was to buy a 10 x 20 foot, heavy-duty tarp and tented it over the mast. It doesn’t cover the entire boat and should be at least a true 12 x 24 foot.

I’ve checked each leak potential area by pouring water over them. The worst are the chainplates. Both sides have apparently leaked for years, but the port side is far worse as the teak shelf below is totally rotted. Luckily, there’s enough left of the starboard shelf to use it as a pattern. I’m also sure that the starboard side gunnel drain tube has a hole in it between the hull and the deck which is allowing water to enter the foam. I’ve heard of putting a larger PVC pipe in similar to the factory installed one for the anchor locker. Add that to the list!

The lip under the removable cover over the keel bolts shows stains from the screw holes where water has seeped in over time. Yes, those are PLASTIC DRYWALL anchors. Notice the water bead up around the forward keel bolt. But where is it coming from?

I imagined an inaccessible bilge directly above the keel where water is being held. That might explain the crack at the joint between the keel and the hull due to freezing over winter. So, I drilled a small hole to find out. Good news is – it was dry!
So far, I don’t believe the port lights are leaking but I’m certain that based on the condition of the boards on the companionway hatch, water will get in. The boards are all cupped inward which leads me to believe someone only sealed the exposed sides and nothing on the inside!

Lastly, the bailer openings. What a poor design. The bailer masks are missing probably due to a previous repair attempt. I found a YouTube video for a 5.2 fix I will most likely try. If anyone has any ideas short of “glassing” them over please let me know.




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