Several months ago Yahoo decided that their forum platform known as Yahoo Groups will be shutdown and purged. That meant that 13 years of discussion on Boston Whaler’s Harpoon sailboats would be lost. It appears that is exactly what happened. There is a new website, But for whatever reason, the site has had very little contributions and therefore content. I had hoped that the new site would be seeded with the old forum.

Maybe there aren’t as many Harpoons out there anymore or maybe forums have lost out to individual websites like mine.

I took the initiative and purchased a program to backup the entire database of over 5,000 messages and photos. It now lives on my laptop and unfortunately cannot be uploaded to an online platform. I have looked through most of the conversations and almost half are posts involved with selling a boat! But, there is some good information.

If you have a question on something that you think might be in the database, shoot me a message. I’ll take a look to see if there’s anything there that could help.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get this back online easily let me know.

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