We haven’t seen the sun for many days now. It snowed a little a couple days ago. And its been just a dreary, cold and damp days since, so I got a chance to try out a new heater.

I tried to install the compass but soon found out it doesn’t fit. The compass is too deep. All I can figure is the port inside bulkhead was spaced away from the cabin wall just enough to allow it to just fit. That’s not good enough for me. This morning at Walmart I found a thick, white plastic cutting board that I plan on cutting out a spacer ring. 

When I dropped in the companionway boards, I discovered that the deadbolts do not engage in the holes. Probably due to the amount of cupping down the length of the board. I also bought a thin, 1/8 inch thick plastic cutting board so I can make some shims to place under the deadbolts.

I couldn’t fit the folding hatch boards because my 2×4 brace for the top is too close. Hopefully the next sunny day I’ll attempt it.

I re-installed the shelves inside the cabin with no issues.

The mast compression post also went together without any issues including fitting in the new mahogany keel bolt cover.

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