The sun finally came out today and the temp got up in the 50’s. There was a little wind though, 30-40 mph from the west!

My idea to use cutting boards to make shims worked for both the compass and the deadbolts on the top drop board. The hatch boards are bowed so much that they will not lay flat to allow the hasp to close. So, I moved the ring up just enough to make that happen. The hook on the inside is also not able to hook. All of the boards will need to be replaced like I had originally planned to do. Maybe next winter.

Until then, I’m going to see my local canvas shop about a companionway Sunbrella cover that will wrap around the edges of the hatch and drape over the drop in boards and across the cooler cover without having to install snaps. My goal is to make it rainproof and stink bug proof!

I also bought a solar vent fan that only runs when the sun is shining. I don’t want to cut a 6-inch hole in the cabin top. So I’m planning on cutting the hole with a jigsaw through the smoked lexan in the hatch. I didn’t realize that there is an aluminum support that splits the opening into fourths. I think it will still fit, It will just not be in the center of the hatch.


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