Before starting to paint the final two coats of paint on the bottom, I did a quick search online for Interlux Bottomkote NT painting tips. I’m glad I did. I found a forum post where someone had primered their boat in the fall, then applied the bottom paint the next spring. When he pulled the boat at the end of the season, big flakes of the bottom paint had fell off!

I contacted Interlux’s help line and was told that it would need to be sanded again and wiped down with Interlux’s 216 solvent. I thought since I had recently applied the primer that I could paint away. We got started early and was ready to slap paint a little after noon. This gave me a chance to get the second coat on about six hours later.

I’ve never seen the boat with the mast up and needed to figure out the rigging and lines, so up it must go. I thought between my wife and I and the poorly written factory documents that we could get it up on our own. I assumed that the standing rigging was adjusted correctly, but that wasn’t the case. Once we eventually man-handled it up into the air with the help of a young lad, I remembered that the shrouds were reversed from when I took them off many months ago. In making it right, the top shrouds in the aft holes on the chainplates were now too short. After loosening the turn-buckles, i was able to pin in the forestay and we could walk-away for a quick beer break.

I took a chance raising the old set of sails just to be sure I understood that process. The boat is strapped to the trailer and I was careful not to pull them in tight just in case the boat would heel over from a strong gust from the southwest. There was an extra block and tackle attached to the transom that I wasn’t sure what it was for until once the backstay was in place, I realized it’s a backstay adjuster.

The bailers are also installed now using 3M 4200 sealant. I also added some handmade anchor rode hangers made from aluminum 1/8 in x 1 in bar stock. I screwed them to the supports on the inside of the anchor locker cover. I’m hoping it keeps the rode organized and dry when not in use. I set the Mariner 4 hp outboard on the mount and it looks like it was a perfect fit.


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