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I’m soon approaching my 60’s and have recently revived my passion for sail. I served in the U.S. Navy during the early ’80’s where I learned to become an electrician working on both small craft and large ships. After six years, I returned to the Midwest and soon purchased a Hobie Turbo 14 catamaran and began to learn how to sail on our local lakes. I quickly moved on to a “fixer-upper” 20 ft Flying Dutchman. Eventually, job and kids left little time for sailing and I downsized to a sailboard and then nothing.

I admit, I’m a YouTube addict and have been watching too many channels where people sell everything to buy a boat and sail the world.

That’s not happening here. A couple of months ago, I took my first ASA 101 class in Panama City while on vacation. I decided then that I needed to find a “project” and get back on the water.

I had heard of Boston Whaler’s reputation but never knew that they also built sailboats back in the early ’80’s. The Harpoon 6.2 (meter) is 20 foot 4 inches long with a 3 foot 8 inch draft. They only built 150. This one, #102, was built in May 1981 at the now obsolete plant in Rockland, MA. That makes her 37 years old! From what I can tell so far, she’s pretty much original and may only be missing the bailer masks (liners). Her condition seems to be very restorable for her age and the fact that she has sat high but not necessarily dry for the last 14 years on her trailer.

Steve Bucher


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