End of Season

End of Season

It’s a sad day. I knew it would come too soon. I pulled her out for the winter. This was the first time to try out the new trailer extension. It worked great for backing. The locking pin took a little effort to get it lined up to get it out then back in.

Getting the boat centered on the trailer was a real pain in the a%$*. I had removed the 2 inch spacer under the carpeted keel pad to gain some more depth on the ramp, so I also lowered all of the rollers accordingly. With the extension out and the truck’s exhaust halfway under water, the keel just cleared the pad. I had to wade crotch deep to get to the winch to pull the bow up as far as I could. Once it was out of the water we realized how crooked it was on the rollers.

Back in the water we went, after marking the guides to get a reference level mark. After three attempts, the keel was still not centered but it was good enough to get down the road. It took a little over four hours total to get it out and derigged. Adding the nearly three hours road time made it almost a full day that we started too late (1:30 pm).

Now I just need to hose her down and get her stowed away for winter.

I’d like to get a barn built yet this fall. The quotes I have include a considerable increase due to COVID-19’s economic effect and is making that decision more difficult.


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