Tiller Brake

Tiller Brake

Summer is moving way too fast for me. I’ve been sailing when I can, mostly solo. If the wind isn’t too much, I can usually handle both the main and the jib alone. I have decided on just using a downhaul line on the jib to bring it down from the cockpit. The Gerr downhaul with the extra blocks hung up more than not. Now I have just a single block at the tack to deal with.

But, there are times when I need to take my hand off the tiller and there have been a few scary and ugly maneuvers. Not any more. After finding an over priced ($80) little black box clutch for a tiller, I looked deeper and found a DIY version. I took a small scrap of mahogany and shaped it so that when screwed to the bottom of the tiller it created a tight “notch” for a line to be wedged into it. The 5/16 inch line is about 30 inches long with a bowline in each end. Then I wrapped a 24 inch bungee around each of the aft cleats and hooked them into each end of the line. This allows it to be easily “disengaged”.

After using it for several hours, it seems like it will work great. Except, it’s just too chunky and now I can’t get my tiller cover over it.

So, I’m replacing the mahogany piece with a small right angle bracket that I flattened to create that same “notch” angle.


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