Mariner 4M, 6E0  L 313720

Mariner 4M, 6E0 L 313720

I decided to simplify and downsize my outboard. I found what I’m guessing is about a 1985 Mercury Mariner, 4 hp, 2-stroke, long shaft with an integral gas tank on Facebook’s Marketplace. It looked in pretty shape and was listed for $350. I made the 150 mile drive to Grosse Isle, MI to check it out, We learned that it had been well taken care of and it was a “one-owner”!¬†That’s all it took! We ran it with some water muffs. He gave me the service manual. I gave him some cash and we put it in the truck.

I wanted to run it on my own, so I rigged up a small barrel of water and started it up. Not being familiar with 2-stroke outboards I’m not sure if it’s right. There was some blue smoke initially and after running it for say 10 minutes the water revealed quite an oil slick of gasoline and oil I think.

Now that I own a Mariner, I’m having a difficult time trying to identify when it was built and where to buy parts. If anyone has an idea, please send me a link.


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