Looks Like We’ve Found a Home

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by a friend of a new Harpoon 6.2 owner looking for a copy of the owner’s manual. I learned that this Harpoon was in the water about an hour away! I had to go check it out.

After meeting the owner and checking out his Harpoon, we learned It’s also a “barn find” that’s been in storage for over 20 years and it was in very good condition. His boat has items that mine does not and vice versa, which is great news for both of us.

He’s also a member of the Muncie Sailing Club on the Prairie Creek Reservoir. I’ve been looking for a place to keep my boat and hadn’t found anything closer than 3 hours away and more important in my budget.

Now the push is on to get my Harpoon ready for the water next April. I have many fiberglass projects that are dependent on warm weather over the next several weeks.

I also want to thank Andy Miller of Boatworks Today. He offers email consultation as a benefit of supporting his Patreon site. His videos are very informational and his recommendations on what to buy has been invaluable.

Updated Lighting

When I gutted the cabin, I decided I’d just replace the two vintage interior lights. After searching online, I found only one company that still sold them. Actually, they had them for sale on their website – but didn’t carry them anymore.

So, I carefully disassembled the existing lights using a razor knife to separate the trim ring so I could get the rusted reflector out. I used naval jelly to remove the rust and sprayed the reflector with some chrome Rustoleum. I then snipped the wires and soldered in a new LED and glued it back together. Better than new – almost.

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