Trailer Final Touches

Installed a new set of LED lights that included the side marker lights and an additional over 80″ wide light. Relying on a good ground through the trailer frame turned out to be impossible so I had to add some extra wire.

I also installed a new jack and coupler so I didn’t have to “clean-up” the old ones.  The first tarp I purchased (10 x 20) turned out to be too small. This one is a 12 x 24 and is a much better fit. It seems to be not as heavy but it is white on the inside which makes it much brighter when working in the cabin. 

First Polish

I was hoping that there was still some shine left in her after 37 years and wow was I surprised. The right half shows the before and the left is after using my new Harbor Freight polisher and Meguiar’s #49 Oxidation Remover. There are a few deep gouges in the gelcoat here and there that I hope to fill in later. The red boot stripe looks like it was painted on over the top of the original baby blue stripe. Not sure what I’ll be doing with that.


V-Berth Re-do

I made the decision early on to redo the “factory” v-berth design. The original v-berth consisted of two, six foot long, 3/8″ thick sheets of marine plywood that was covered with a very 1970’s plaid sofa upholstery and three inches of foam. These were too big to lift up to access the storage areas below. I won’t even mention what they smelled like.

Trailer Update

Spent the week wire brushing, sanding and painting between the rain showers. Instead of reusing the old trailer jack and coupler, I ordered new galvanized pieces on Amazon. I also cleaned up and repainted the rims and ladder. This is only the first coat of gloss white brushed Rustoleum. It looks like it will need at least one or two more. Sixty degree days are getting slim around here, but I hope I can get it done before tucking it away in the barn for winter.

Trailer Prep

The days are getting shorter and cooler, so I decided I better get to work on the trailer. The EZ Loader trailer looks like it was originally painted gloss white with baby blue uprights under the hull? It also had three 1 inch stripes along the frame from hitch to the fenders and over the top of the fenders on each side. They were brown, gold and orange. Not sure what the oval stickers were on the back of the fenders. There was also the “EZ Loader” name on each side of the angled tubes. I also found a yellow safety label at the top of the mast support that said something about trailer maintenance. If any one has any leads on new decals, please let me know.

I’ve decided to strip the stripes using a heat gun and acetone. I also purchased an angle grinder from Harbor Freight and using a cup wire brush, I removed all the heavy rust. I plan on using Rustoleum Rust Reformer to prime all the rusty spots then brush on Rustoleum Gloss White enamel. I’m working outside in the wind, so spray painting it would be nearly impossible. I decided on white hoping it will be the most visible while underwater.

I haven’t decided on new stripes yet. I may just go with a 1 inch red reflective stripe down each side. U.S. Boat sells a 125 foot roll for about $60.

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