Water Pump Rebuild

Now that my outboard will start, I quickly realized that it couldn’t “pee”! I found a genuine OMC water pump rebuild kit from Crowley Marine for about $50. There are several YouTube videos on this process and I watched a few before beginning. Never having worked on an outboard before let alone own one, it took about four hours to complete.

After a couple of squeezes on the fuel line bulb, I noticed the the fuel line between the connector and fuel pump had turned into a soaker hose! Fuel was filling the bottom of the cowl inside and dripping into the water. 

All stop to repair the fuel line now. I eventually got the outboard started but it still doesn’t “pee”. The best I could get out of it was a fast dribble. I really don’t want to take it back apart right now, but it looks like it will need to be gone through by a “real” mechanic before taking it across the ocean any time soon. I still plan on changing the gear lube and try to figure out why the electric starter doesn’t work.  


After removing the panels and headliner trim around the companionway, I discovered that mice or chipmunks had found their way into the only hiding place left in the boat. The photo on the right is what is left of the foam backed carpet headliner that was once where the holes in the headliner are today. The best part was the constant shower of mouse turds falling from ceiling. I wasn’t sure about removing the headliner until now but it has to go. Besides the smell it has begun to disintegrate (powder) when brushed.

Rodent Damage
Rodent Damage

I would like to replace it with something similar even though it will need to be sewn. I have read that many people just paint in a tan bedliner which may be the best “practical” solution long term and it would be much more economical.

It Lives

After looking things over, watching a few YouTubes, two new plugs, new fuel tank and fuel line and a new fuel filter cap, I made my first attempt at starting the Evinrude 9.9. It took a couple of pulls on the starter but it finally took off. I’m not sure if it’s pulling enough water through because it only dribbles and spits when throttled up. I will be ordering a new impeller this week. I’m also wondering about the smoke when it’s cranked. I did let it run for about 30 minutes (mostly idle and in gear) and it didn’t seem to get hot.

The electric start was a no go. Doesn’t seem to be getting any juice.


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